Anti-Virus, Malware/Spyware Program
Statement on CNR's Malware Protection

The College of New Rochelle uses a quality enterprise anti-malware software to provide a comprehensive anti-malware (virii, trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, etc) protection. OIS ensures that all servers and workstations are protected with the latest virus definitions.

The software automatically protects the college’s computers against infection from the latest computer security threats. If a threat is found, it is automatically cleaned. If cleaning is not possible, the threat is deleted and quarantined, in case a false-positive occurs.  
The software is configured to report any threats and errors it finds so that OIS can provide assistance as required. The network is also monitored by RA Security for malware-like activity, so if an unknown threat is detected, OIS can act on it before it spreads.

When a virus is attached to an email sent to (or from) a CNR email address, it is cleaned, or if cleaning is not possible, deleted. The server then sends the intended recipient a message stating that the virus was detected and cleaned or deleted, and provides information on the threat.

New threats emerge every hour, and no protection is ever 100% effective. Therefore, caution is advised when downloading files, visiting websites (or clicking on embedded links), and opening email or IM attachments. Suspicious mail should be deleted upon receipt and attachments should not be downloaded or viewed unless they are expected from the sender. In the event that you suspect you have been infected, and the threat has not been dealt with automatically by our anti-malware software, please contact the Help Desk at extension 5012 immediately.