Educational Forum 2011
MediaLibrary#4486The Changing Face of Education
An Educational Forum & Panel Discussion

There is a crisis in education at both the national and state level while many dramatic new initiatives are about to impact schools and school districts throughout New York State. This forum provided opportunities for new information and discussion with colleagues relative to both national and state financial crises, with opportunities for participants to discuss and clarify their understanding of a host of critical issues including ways to maximize resources in these financially stressful times, integrating the new Common Core Standards in ELA and Mathematics, and the new Teacher/Leader Effectiveness Model.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director of the American Association of School Administrators since July 2008, has more than 36 years of experience in public education, 27 of those years served as a school superintendent in Deer Park, Long Island and District Superintendent for Suffolk BOCES.

Dr. Domenech served as senior vice president for National Urban Markets with McGraw-Hill Education. Prior to that position, he served for seven years as superintendent of the Fairfax County, Va., Public Schools, the 12th largest school system in the nation. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hunter College in New York City and a Ph.D. from Hofstra University in Uniondale, N.Y.

Dr. Domenech will reflect on the fiscal crises in education from a national perspective and the interrelationship with major Race to the Top initiatives, including the implementation of “The Common Core Standards: Accessible, Actionable and Attainable for All Children” and the newly-created model on “Teacher/Leader Effectiveness” that will impact all teachers and leaders in New York State.

Resources from the Event:

More about the Program:

Dr. Daniel A. Domenech
Executive Director of the American Association of School Administrators

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MediaLibrary#4487Panel Presentation I and Discussion
The pivotal challenge for schools is “how to continue to provide quality education as state aid is reduced and tax rates remain acceptable to the community.”

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Lisa Davis, Executive Director of the Westchester-Putnam School Boards Association, is a former member of The Chappaqua School Board. Lisa brings an overview of fiscal issues as both a board member and Executive Director in the Westchester-Putnam area.

Dr. Ronald D. Valenti directs the St. John Fisher Ed.D. Program in Executive Leadership at The College of New Rochelle and is Director of College and District Partnerships. Dr. Valenti’s research specialties include organizational and fiscal leadership at the district, state, and national levels; he speaks regularly on fiscal issues, and leads school district seminars on policy and leadership. A veteran superintendent, he served 28 years in the Blind Brook, Harrison, Smithtown, and Valley Stream Central High School districts.

Panel Presentation II and Discussion
This presentation and panel discussion shared information on the new Common Core Standards, as well as the additional 15% of the standards added by New York State. It will focus on some of the means of transmitting the Common Core Standards to each student in New York State in a manner that will enhance achievement.

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Dr. Constance Iervolino, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the Graduate School of The College of New Rochelle, serve d for 30 years as a teacher, principal and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction in New York City and Westchester County. Dr. Iervolino has written several books and articles and has presented locally and nationally on topics relating to leadership, teaching and learning, and school improvement.

Estee Lopez, a faculty member in the Graduate School at The College of New Rochelle, has served as District Director, K-12 for Instructional Services and Programs for English Language Learners in The New Rochelle City School District. Her major area of expertise is the application of cognitive research to educational practice. Estee has served as the Co-Chair of the ESL Workgroup for The Regent’s Standards Initiative. She works as a consultant to school districts relative to the application of The Common Core Standards.

Panel Presentation III and Discussion
This presentation and discussion shared the latest information on the process and outcomes of the new model for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness in New York State. This model, effective July 2011, uses a 100% scale for evaluation which includes significant components of standardized tests results and student growth as a measure for the evaluation of teachers and leaders.

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Dr. Jere Hochman, Superintendent of Schools for the Bedford Central School District in Westchester, has been a member of The Regents Advisory Task Force on Teacher and Principal Effectiveness. He was a former Superintendent of Schools in the Amherst-Pelham Regional Schools in Massachusetts.

Michael McDermott, Principal of Scarsdale Middle School in Westchester, has been a member of The Regents Advisory Task Force on Teacher and Principal Effectiveness. He is also President of RASA (Regional Association of School Administrators), which represents mid-level administrators in New York State.