Personal Purchases
CNR’s Office of Information Systems works in conjunction with several vendors to provide resources for faculty and staff  interested in purchasing computers. Discounts vary and full catalog access is available. Special pricing is available for select configurations that closely match CNR’s standards with Dell. These programs are administered directly by the vendors and offer the most flexibility. Please click on the vendor links below for more information.


Member I.D. PS120202841


Please Note:
Accessing The College’s ‘Custom Apple Store’ now requires authentication via the Virtual Help Desk. 


Faculty/Staff Laptop Program
The College has also developed a laptop program in order to facilitate the use of technology in the teaching/learning environment. This is a lease/purchase program that is available to all full-time faculty, instructional staff, professional staff, and support staff. Information Systems has worked with the payroll department to create an excellent payroll deduction plan.

Policy and Procedure

Faculty/Instructional Staff Purchase Agreement

Professional and Support Staff Purchase Agreement