How Students Can Get Involved

Why It's Important to Participate
With the constant media coverage of political scandals and power brokers making insider deals, it's easy to feel that politics is intimidating, unsavory, or just an “old boys” club. While some of these stories are unfortunately reality, every day in town halls, city councils, state houses, and the halls of Congress people can and do use basic skills to participate in government and influence the political process. Elected officials listen to people who vote and to people who contact their offices with concerns about issues.

There is a place for everyone in the political system, and each voice is important!

Ways to Participate 

  • Register to vote
  • Get other people registered to vote – CNR students, high school students, senior citizens, etc.
  • Learn more about elections and about policy issues that affect you through reading, talking to opinion leaders, and attending events
  • Advocate for better financial aid, including at our annual Student Lobby Day in Albany
  • Advocate for other issues you care about  in your community, such as health care or a better educational system
  • Explore career, internship, and volunteer opportunities in government, politics, and advocacy
  • Help host government officials who visit  campus