The residential network program, ResNet, provides resident students with phone, satellite TV, and wired and wireless network access to resources such as the Intranet, Internet, and the Gill Library databases. This program is supported by the Office of Information Systems and there is no charge for any of these services. All rooms contain a telephone, satellite TV, and Internet jack. Computers and printers are also located in designated areas in each of the residence halls.

All students receive a CNR email account. A registered network account is required in order to utilize the College’s network. All computers must be registered using CNR Secure Connect, a portal used to securely connect devices to the CNR Network.

Connecting a Device

To connect a device to the CNR network, open browser (e.g. Internet Explorer), where you will be immediately directed to the CNR Secure Connect page. You are required to log in using your CNR Network ID and accept the College's Acceptable Use and Wireless Network Policy. Your computer will be scanned using a security agent to ensure that it meets the College's requirements.

Detailed instructions can be obtained from the Office of Information Systems. Support for device registration, network configuration, and CNR Laptops is provided to all students by the Help Desk.

Technical support for student-owned hardware and software is not provided by the Help Desk.

Help Desk

Students who are having problems with the Kiosk machines, satellite TV, or their internet connection may contact the Help Desk. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, our Helpdesk Coordinator may suggest the device be brought in. To contact the  Help Desk, call (914) 654-5012 or stop by Mooney Center Rm 153 Monday – Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.   

Kiosks and Public Printers

Computers and printers are located in the living room areas within each residence hall and are available to all resident students. These computers and printers are available 24/7. Full support for hardware and software is provided by Information Systems. Paper is not provided but is available for purchase in the Bookstore. These computers can be used to access the Internet, send and receive e-mail, access Angel or the Gill Library databases. For your convenience, these machines are equipped with the following:

  • Microsoft Office Suite  (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Networked Printers (provide your own paper) 

 The Public Access locations are as follows:

  • Angela - First Floor, Right Living Room
  • Brescia - First Floor, Small Living Room
  • Ursula - First Floor, Lounge
Channel Lineup

2 CBS 33 MTV

3 CNR access Channel 34 MTV2

4 NBC 35 The Disney channel 
5 FOX 36 VH1

7 ABC 37 Discovery Channel
8 ion Television 38 CNR internal Access
9 MY9 39 CNR access Channel
10 WYNE 40 CNR access Channel
11 CW/PIX11 41 CNR access Channel
12 Univision 42 The History Channel
13 PBS 43 E!

15 SYFY 44 HBO

16 TV Land 45 HBO2

17 CNN 46 Animal Planet
18 HBO signature 47 FX

19 TBS 48 GSN (Game Show Network)
21 TNT 49 HLN: Headline News
22 ABC family 50 Food Network
23 Cartoon Network  51 ESPN

24 USA 52 ESPN2

25 BET 53 ESPN News
26 A&E 54 ESPN U

27 TLC 55 The Travel Channel
28 C-SPAN 56 The Weather Channel
29 Comedy Central 57 WE: Women’s Entertainment
30 Nickelodeon 58 HBO West

31 Lifetime 59 HBO West 2
32 TruTV 60 HBO Family