Safety Tips
Personal Safety Tips
  • Walk confidently and pay attention to surroundings. Stay in well-lit, populated areas and walk with friends.
  • Take advantage of the Security Escort Service by calling 914-654-5204. 
  • Don't carry or display large amounts of money.
  • When going out, make sure you have "emergency" money with to make a phone call or take a cab home.
  • If you think someone is following you, cross the street.  If they continue to follow, go to a populated area and ask for help.

Protect Yourself In The Residence Hall
  • Always lock your door when leaving -- even if you are just going down the hall.
  • Never leave the outside door propped open -- even for a friend.
  • Identify visitors before opening the door.
  • Store valuables out of sight -- in a drawer or closet.
  • Do not lend your key or ID card to anyone.
  • Report any suspicious persons or activity to Security.  If you are aware of a violation it is essential that you report it.  Security cannot protect you without your assistance.

Prevent Theft At Work
  • Lock doors and windows when office is unoccupied and at night.
  • Do not leave office open and unattended.
  • Lock up valuables when leaving the office.
  • Lock petty cash, stamps, pocketbooks, and personal valuables in a file drawer or cabinet -- restrict the number of keys and do not leave keys in the work area.
  • Report lost or stolen keys to Security immediately.
  • Retrieve keys when employees leave the College employ.

Vehicle Safety Tips
  • When approaching you car, have keys ready -- fumbling for keys provides a window of opportunity for an attacker.
  • Be alert to your surroundings as you approach the car.
  • While driving, keep car doors locked at all times.
  • If you think someone is following you, try to get a description of the car and its license plate.  Make a few turns. If the vehicle continues to follow, drive to a well-lit, populated place or to the police department.
  • Be suspicious of people approaching your car for directions or with flyers.
  • Be alert when using drive-up ATM machines.
  • If possible, carry a cell phone with you for emergencies.
  • If your car breaks down, raise the hood and tie a white handkerchief on the antenna as a distress signal.  Lock yourself in the vehicle and wait for assistance to arrive.  Don't accept a ride from a stranger -- ask them to call the police for you.

Protecting Your Vehicle From Theft
  • Always lock your vehicle and take your keys.
  • Don't leave personal property in plain view in your car.
  • Always park in well-lit, populated areas.
  • Don't leave your registration in the vehicle.