Phase Two: Data Gathering and Engagement
After the training sessions in August, the Strategic Planning Task Force had 28 working groups/partnerships, who had each identified at least one College stakeholder, a design process by which to gather data and information, and a time frame within which to gather this data.

Through a library website, developed by co-chair Susan Acampora, a toolbox of helpful information and resources was stored to assist the working groups as they began to connect with their stakeholders. The purpose of Phase Two, Data Gathering and Engagement, was for the Strategic Planning Task Force members to enlist the internal and external stakeholders of the College to tap into their ideas, impressions, and thoughts on the College's future. This would then inform the planning process as a whole to move toward specific visions and goals.

The intercommunication between the working groups and the stakeholders was meant to be highly interactive, engaging and wholly transparent in mission to assure that the information gathered is responsive to the needs of the Strategic Planning process.

Stakeholders such as alum, faculty, staff, enrollment management areas, college offices/areas, student parents, local businesses, regional and local high school guidance counselors, local/regional politicians, and grant organizations, just to name a few, were contacted and taped throughout the next two  months.   

On September 18 and 19, 2012, co-chairs Susan Acampora and Kristine Southard met with the working groups/partnerships to discuss their progress. In two lively and informative meetings, the co-chairs were able to assure that work is underway and communication has begun involving internal and external stakeholders. At the conclusion of these two meetings, the SPTF identified several more resources to assist the working groups with their data gathering.

These additional resources included a specified Survey Monkey account for the Task Force members' surveys, a review process for the surveys, and a calendar of meetings and events that are underway for working groups.