Student Discount Programs for Personal Purchases
The Office of Information Systems works with several vendors to provide resources for students interested in purchasing computers and software.

Please note that Arts and Communications Arts Majors are required to have Apple-based computers.

Discounts vary and full catalog access is available. Special pricing is available for select configurations that closely match CNR's standards with Dell.

These programs are administered directly by the vendors and offer the most flexibility. Please click on the vendor links below for more information.

Basic support including network configuration/wireless, viruses is provided for laptops. It is strongly recommended that extended warranty with accidental damage is purchased with your computer.

Please refer to the minimum and recommended requirements to connect to the CNR network:

  Minimum Requirements Recommended Configuration
Intel Core i5
2.0 GB
8.0 GB
Video Card
1 GB
Operating System Windows 7
Mac OS 10.7
Windows 8
Mac OS 10.9
Laptop: 6 cell or 10 hours of battery life
Any anti-virus software
Warranty 4-year CompleteCare warranty for all Dell
4-year AppleCare warranty for Mac