Frequently Asked Questions
How can the Center help me?
The Center has professional and peer tutors who can help all CNR students with writing assignments, math problems, research projects, or content for most classes.

What happens in a writing tutorial?
We answer any questions you have about your assignment and your writing.  Our goal is to help you become a stronger writer by offering revision and editing strategies.     
Can you proofread my paper?
We can’t proofread a paper for you. We would be happy to look at your paper; however, problems with grammar and sentence structure can be corrected only by systematic, scheduled work with one of our grammar specialists. 
Who goes to the Center?
Hundreds of CNR students from all schools have come to the Center because they know it’s helpful to talk about writing, mathematics, research, and more. Sometimes sharing one's work, even if it seems perfect, provides further insight and makes it better. That's what CAE is all about.  
When should I come to the Center for a tutorial?
Don't wait until the last minute. Sharing a writing assignment from start to finish is helpful, as is a mathematics review before the big test. 

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes. Currently we have no walk-in schedule. Plan your appointments in advance and bring with you all important materials--assignment sheets, texts, and preliminary drafts saved on flash drives.
Can you help me with a paper for any class?
Of course.  We have helped people in various academic areas.
Can I get help for any math or statistics class?

Yes!  We have peer tutors for introductory level classes and a professional math tutor for advanced classes and statistics.
If you have any questions, please email us at