Resources, Equity, Accessibility, and Learning Office


The College of New Rochelle provides coordination of confidential services and accommodations for students with disabilities (physical, psychological, learning disabilities). Coordination is through the Division of Academic Affairs, specifically, the REAL (Resources, Equity, Accessibility, and Learning Office, located on the New Rochelle Campus on the second floor of the Castle.  

To apply for accommodations or services, a student is required to:

  • Be enrolled at The College of New Rochelle.
  • Provide a completed Application Form for the semester of requested services.
  • Indicate in writing the support services, assistance, or materials necessary to his/her successful academic functioning.
  • Provide appropriate and specific documentation issued by a medical or other qualified, licensed professional, printed on letterhead/official form, signed and dated.  The documentation should:
    • be recent and comprehensive enough to assess the current impact on learning or life activity
    • clearly establish a link between the disability and the requested accommodations/services 
  • Schedule an appointment with the REAL Coordinator. The Application Form and accompanying documentation may be brought to the initial appointment, or arrangements will be made for future submission.   
  • Applications should be submitted at the beginning of the semester for which accommodations/services are requested. Students are asked to maintain ongoing contact with the Coordinator and update any changes, especially at the beginning of each new semester.

Please Note:  A completed application and documentation must be submitted in order for accommodations/services to be coordinated.

Current or prospective students are encouraged to contact:
Elizabeth Spadaccini 914-654-5556