Michael Vincent Ragudos
School of Nursing
Class of 2015
Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut

    I've made a lot more friends here than I would have at a bigger university.

Michael Vincent Ragudos SN'15 had thought about becoming a resident assistant when he first came to The College of New Rochelle. Turns out, he's gotten to know his fellow students better through a host of other activities, and without the added responsibility that might come from the authority of that position.

"People are always coming up to talk to me," says Ragudos, who was the representative of his freshman class, and is now treasurer of the Student Government Association. "I didn't know I would get this far in it," he said. "I was encouraged to take a bigger role, so I went for it."

Ragudos plans on continuing to serve as treasurer, and may stay on campus over the summer to help plan student events for the following year. That activity behind the scenes, along with working in Admissions, dovetails nicely with his interest in the administrative side of health care. He's particularly focused on nursing informatics -- the use of information and communication technologies to promote health.

Ragudos also sings with the campus gospel choir. "It's a great stress reliever," he says. "It's key in expressing how I feel without putting a lot of my own words in it."

"I've met a new group of wonderful people." It has also helped him mature spiritually, says Ragudos, who underwent the sacrament of confirmation earlier this year and is active in Campus Ministry. "I've made a lot more friends here than I would have at a bigger university."

Ragudos had planned on majoring in psychology, until he realized that "taking care of people was my top priority." After a high school counselor recommended a career in nursing, his stepsister urged him to apply to The College of New Rochelle, where she was studying at the time. It has been a great fit for the sophomore.

"I love the campus," Ragudos says. And as he's settled into living and studying at CNR, the Stamford, Connecticut native has also spent more time exploring New York City, visiting places he's never been.