Rachelle LeBlanc
School of Arts & Sciences
Class of 2012
Major: Communication Arts and English, Honors Program
Hometown: Orange, MA
High School: Ralph C. Mahar Regional High School

CNR has given me opportunities that I wouldn’t have had if I went to a different school or a bigger school. I get one-on-one attention from my teachers and everyone knows my name. I am going to study abroad and that’s unique because Dr. Beauzethier approached me about doing it and encouraged me. That wouldn't have happened at a bigger school.
Rachelle LeBlanc SAS’12  is a multi-tasker, to say the least. Rachelle works in the College Relations office, where she processes Class Notes and covers College events for the website, among other things. She is on a committee for Residence Halls, where she is used as a resource by her fellow students, and also blogs for Admissions and acts as a student representative. She has written for the school newspaper, Tattler, and plans to start writing for the literary magazine, The Phoenix. She is involved in many campus events and even finds the time to work as a waitress in New Rochelle.

Rachelle is from Orange, MA, and graduated from high school with honors and ranked 7 in her class of 112 students. She was captain of the soccer team and kept a similar schedule as she does today at CNR.

“I tend to coordinate my work and school schedule so that they don’t overlap. I always work better when I have a lot of things to do! If I keep going, I find I’m more effective, but if I take a break, it’s harder to get back into the swing of things. I have Thursday night off, I don’t work and my classes are over at 2:30, so that’s when I reenergize.”

Rachelle finds that events which benefit students in the community are the most satisfying.

“I really enjoyed Sonia Kovalevsky Day, it’s a math day when girls from local high schools will come in and we have activities for them. It’s so nice to work with younger girls, and I like promoting CNR because, honestly, it’s a great education.”