Todd Alessandro
Graduate School
Class of 2012
Major:  Master of Science in Education in Childhood Education and Childhood Special Education
Hometown: Bronx, NY

Education is about personal growth, strengthening your passion to better your cause.

Todd Alessandro GRS’12 worked in the fashion industry as a marketing and brand strategist for 6 years after graduating from Manhattanville College in 2004.

“As the economy turned in 2009 I felt pressured to take advantage of this era of change and find a career that not only satisfied my desire to give back to my community, but also to become a public force of progressive change. Having always had a deep interest in education I knew that it was the right time to make the change,” Alessandro said.

He was raised in New York City, and his mother earned a master’s degree in education from the School of New Resources. He has a 4.0 GPA, attended the President’s dinner, and maintains a solid relationship with faculty and staff. His success at CNR has earned a job offer for a full time position in a Public Elementary School in the Bronx under his interim special education teaching license.

“I love the community and culture at CNR. The school commits itself to instill lifelong learning in its students while supporting individual goals and concerns.  The faculty and deans are extremely knowledgeable and are attentive to every students needs. I anticipate continuing my education at CNR, working toward my master’s in school administration.

"I never envisioned myself in education, until I realized what was important in this world and how I could directly affect tomorrow. CNR has supported every step I have taken, constantly inspiring me to challenge myself and raise the bar.

"I have a passion for changing the current state of education, finding the holes in our system that causes our children's education to suffer and creates chaos for our teachers. It is the time to get back to basics, embracing changes to better tomorrow. The world of education is becoming more competitive and diversified by the minute and as the largest education network in the country we must incorporate effective efforts to advance the education of our students and perfect the craft of our teachers."