John Cardinal O'Connor (South Bronx) Campus
332 East 149 Street
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 665-1310

Dedicated in honor of the Archbishop of New York in January 2000, the John Cardinal O'Connor Campus offers the only four-year baccalaureate degree program for adults in the South Bronx.  Having served the South Bronx community for nearly 30 years, the campus currently enrolls more than 1,200 students.

Occupying a newly renovated nine-story building on East 149th Street, facilities and learning resources at the campus include computer-assisted classrooms and labs, a photography lab, meditation room, and an online reference library.  At the heart of the campus is the Gordon A. Parks Gallery & Cultural Arts Center serving the campus and the community.  Reflecting the diverse interests of the renowned photographer, film maker, and writer, in addition to exhibits, the Center offers a variety of multicultural activities, including lectures, poetry readings, and musical events.

Our 6-credit hour classes allow you to accelerate your degree – by being full-time while only attending classes two times per week.

Our JOC Campus is a one stop place for your education.  At each campus you can:
  • Receive advising
  • Complete your application
  • Meet with a financial aid counselor and determine your financial aid assistance (over 90% of our students have their education funded or partially funded with financial aid)
  • Register for classes
  • Attend classes

Our adult degree programs are completely designed to provide the adult learner with the environment and tools necessary to successfully complete their degree.  We are there with you all the way.

Students are provided with an excellent educational experience in a learning environment which emphasizes user-friendly integrated technologies, including computer-assisted classrooms and labs, a technology-based learning skills center, a multi-purpose resource center, and an online reference library.

Unlike traditional lectures, classes are offered in a seminar format where discussions are a key component, enabling you to benefit from relaxed, conversational classrooms, with an average of only 18 students.

The JOC Campus also has an ACCESS Center. Located at each campus of the School of New Resources, the ACCESS Centers are designed for students who need to reinforce grammatical concepts of standard English, expand and develop vocabulary, sharpen reading and mathematical skills, or acquire computer literacy skills.

Raise your standard of learning at the School of New Resources!