AP, CLEP, and Excelsior Credits
Advanced Placement (AP Credits)
Candidates may submit scores on Advanced Placement examinations of the College Board.  Three credits are awarded for a grade of 3 or 4 on the Advanced Placement examinations; six credits are awarded for a grade of 5.  Credits awarded for Advanced Placement courses may be applied to the skills competencies of the School, or to the requirements in the Liberal Arts Core Program, or to elective courses.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
CNR allows a maximum of 15 credits toward the degree only for entering students who have successfully passed examinations in the College-Level Examination Program (sponsored by the Educational Testing Service).  For CLEP General Examinations (offered in the areas of English composition, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social-services history), the recommendations of the Commission of Accreditation of Service Experience of the American Council on Education will be followed in the determination of passing scores. 

For CLEP Subject Examinations, the recommendations of the Council on College-Level Examinations will be followed in making this determination.  CLEP credits may be used to fulfill requirements in the major field only with the approval of the department chairperson.

Excelsior College Examinations
In addition, students may earn credits toward the degree by passing approved Excelsior College Examinations with a minimum grade of C.  

Students must request that an official transcript be forwarded to the Office of Admission after completing the examination.