Freshman Nursing Criteria
The College of New Rochelle School of Nursing is a highly competitive and selective program, and we seek to enroll female and male students who desire the benefits of a private school grounded in the Catholic tradition. Each application is reviewed and judged on the merits of the individual. Successful applicants must demonstrate the intellectual and academic ability to succeed. 

Students who show evidence of leadership, special talents or interests, and other personal qualities through extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and other non-academic pursuits will receive special consideration.

Criteria for admission include:
  • High School diploma or equivalent: the average high school GPA for the 2010-2011 applicants was 89 or 3.5. (Students from New York held the Regents diploma.)
  • Applicants must have taken 16 academic units including:
    • 4 units of English
    • 4 units of Social Studies
    • 3 units of mathematics (algebra I, algebra II, and geometry)
    • 3 units of science (including laboratory chemistry, and laboratory biology)
  • Standardized test scores that indicate the promise of success in a challenging undergraduate course of study.
  • A written statement of the candidate‚Äôs academic and personal qualities prepared by the principal, guidance counselor, or teacher
  • An essay or personal statement in support of their application and credentials and explaining their desire to entire the nursing profession.

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