Program Plan
Once all pre-requisites are completed, you will follow the Nursing curriculum:

NUR/209/209L Foundations for Nsg Practice- 3cr
NUR 207/107L Health Assessment & Lab- 3cr
NUR 212/212L Pharmacology -3cr
NUR 322 Transcultural Perspectives- 2cr

NUR208 Psycho-Social Nursing- 3cr
NUR309 Acute Health, Adult 1- 4cr
NUR 310 Synthesis- 4cr
NUR 304 Altered Physiology 1- 2cr

NUR 311 Parent/Child Health-4cr
NUR 312 Synthesis- 4cr
NUR 306 Altered Physiology II -2cr
NUR 410 Introduction to Research- 3cr

NUR 411 Chronic Health, Adult II- 4cr
NUR412 Synthesis- 2cr
NUR 413 Psych.Mental Health-3cr
NUR 414 Synthesis- 2cr

NUR 445 Community Health-2cr
NUR446 Synthesis- 2cr
NUR 447 Transition to Professional Practice & Leadership- 2cr
NUR 448 Synthesis 2cr
NUR 440 Politics of Healthcare-3cr
(Please note: Core Nursing Courses may not be transferred in from another school.)


 SEM 1: 5cr  SEM 2: 8cr  SEM 3: 9cr  SEM 4: 7cr
 NUR 212/L-3    
 NUR 322-2
  NUR 209/L-5
  NUR 207/103-3 
 NUR 309-4
 NUR 314-3      
 NUR 304-2
NUR 311-2
 NUR 312-2
 NUR 306-2      
 NUR 440-1
 SEM 5: 7cr  SEM 6: 7cr  SEM 7: 8cr  SEM 8: 8cr
NUR 311P-2
 NUR 411-4
 NUR 410-3
NUR 445-2