Career Development

Master of Science Degree in Career Development
Advanced Certificate in Career Development

The Master of Science Degree in Career Development is awarded only by a small number of colleges in the United States. It is a generalist degree with a specific focus. Those who obtain this degree will have the skills and knowledge to assist persons of all ages to take responsibility for their lives and to focus specifically on career related issues. The program’s approach to career development is developmental, takes into consideration a person’s life stages, and emphasizes the individual in the world of work.

The Master of Science in Career Development is a 45-credit program designed to train career counseling professionals for the highest level of functioning. The program will develop the knowledge and skills needed to work with the career planning of clients as individuals and in groups, in different settings. In addition, students will gain self awareness with regard to their own philosophies and values of work and life. Graduates of this program may find employment in a variety of settings, such as private practice, industry, government, colleges and universities, counseling centers, and schools. Specific roles that these trained personnel may fill include:

  • college career planning director and staff
  • personnel director and staff in human resource departments
  • recruiter and employment counselor
  • training and development staff in industry
  • career development professional
  • consultant
  • career change counselor
  • outplacement counselor
  • pre-retirement and retirement counselor.

The Certificate Program in Career Development will offer individuals in counseling, education and other human services fields the opportunity to update their expertise and add to their skills by taking courses which meet their professional needs. The Certificate Program can be taken in conjunction with the Graduate School’s Guidance and Counseling Program or Mental Health Counseling program. Students completing this certificate may also choose to continue their studies to complete the 45-credit degree program in Career Development. Completion of the certificate program must be done within three years of admission.

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