Freshman Convocation Officially Welcomes Class of 2017 to CNR


Freshmen in the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Nursing were urged to take charge of their education, knowing they have the full support of the College community, in a ceremony at Holy Family Chapel on Tuesday, September 3.

"You have a cadre of committed staff and faculty memmbers," said Provost Dr. Dorothy Escribano, senior vice president for academic affairs, who also reminded them, "You must be an active participant in your development and growth."

Dr. Deborah Hunt, Assistant Professor of Nursing, offered up her own interpretation of the fable The Tortoise and the Hare, as applied to college. The moral of the tale, she said, isn't that slow and steady wins the race. "This is not a race," she said. "Some of you will get through quickly with no detours." Others might have more obstacles to overcome. "But with motivation, perseverance, and support, you will all earn your bachelor's degree."

Hunt looked back on her first time at college, living away from home. "I missed everyone and everything," she said, and would beg to come home. But she and her dorm mates learned to adjust and became a cohesive group. "We shared meals, tears, and study strategies." Hunt encouraged the freshmen to "always find time to have some fun. But not too much fun."

Finally, she told the newest members of the College community that while their academic journey has just begun, "it will certainly not end in 2017. I hope you will be engaged in lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge."

The ceremony was followed by a barbecue lunch at Maura Hall.