CNR Community Gathers to Commemorate 9/11 Anniversary


Students, faculty, and staff gathered at the Holy Family Chapel on Wednesday to remember the victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks and to pray for peace.

Praniece Little read a poem that advocated for unity between people of all backgrounds. The images from that day 12 years ago, she said, "remind us of where hatred leads us in the end."

Instead, "let love bring about peace ... we can turn our tears into hope and freedom."

Peer ministers lit candles in memory of the victims, and members of the gospel choir performed a handful of songs.

The ceremony closed with A Prayer for September 11th, based on a prayer by Jeffrey A. Spitzer. An excerpt:

Teach us to speak to our children with love and support and courage and understanding, for we are all fearful. Gain for us a heart of wisdom that we may act out of compassion and thoughtfulness, and not out of anger or prejudice. May the kind of anger and hate that spurred these attacks be removed from the face of the earth so that all your people -- in every country in the world -- may live together in mutual peace and respect.