CNR Celebrates Service in Many Forms on Founder's Day


The College of New Rochelle celebrated Mother Irene Gill, long-serving employees and faculty, and students who have made a difference in their communities at the annual Founder's Day on Thursday, October 24.

The Serviam Awards honor students who best embody the Ursuline philosophy of Serviam -- meaning "I will serve" -- and support the College's mission of education for service.

This year's award recipients are Luisa Garcia of the School of Arts & Sciences; Amber Pennant of the School of Nursing; Christine Gilliam of the School of New Resources; and Denise Warner of the Graduate School.

Garcia was recognized for her volunteer work with Queens the America's Leos Club, an organization that focuses on helping the blind, the deaf and less fortunate. She has helped feed the homeless, organized clothing drives, cleaned parks and planted trees, visited with the elderly, and participated in walks to support health-related causes.

On campus, she has lent her skills to Tatler newspaper and Phoenix magazine, and is seen as a peer mentor, sharing her broadcasting skills with the club Blue Angel Media and educating fellow students about internship opportunities and grants.

Pennant has served as a student mentor with the Student Nurses Association, which she now leads as president. She volunteers at the Bronx Teen Health Center at Morris Heights Health Center, where she has shared her story of overcoming obstacles to find success.

Gilliam serves as a mentor and community activist, and has organized clothing drives for suvivors of domestic violence and their children. She volunteers at Breukelen Community Center and Cumberland Diagnostic and Treatment Center. She ran a poetry writing workshop, called Finding My Voice, for girls 8 to 12 years old, and has served as a speaker and poet for those dealing with intimate partner violence and chemical dependency.

Warner, a student representative to the College Senate, is a volunteer at Dewitt Reformed Church, working in its food pantry, distributing food to those in need. She also helps provide breakfast to the elderly before church services on Sundays.

President Judith Huntington recognized the service anniversaries of faculty and staff who have worked at the College for decade or more.

This year's longest-serving faculty honoree as Dr. Teri Kwal Gamble, Professor of Communications in the Graduate School, who has taught at the College for 35 years.


Gamble joined the School of Arts & Sciences as an assistant professor in 1978, was promoted to associate professor and awared tenure in 1982, then joined the Graduate School in 1994. She became a full professor in 1998, and was the first director of the Graduate Program in Communication Arts, now known as Communication Studies.

She and her husband, Michael, co-taught the first online course offered by the Graduate School in 2008. The couple have co-authored 16 textbooks and trade books, many of whichh are required reading on college campuses.

"A legendary teacher and educator, Teri is committed to her students," Huntington said, "and has been called 'a conscientious and generous faculty member whose students admire her as a role model of scholarship and leadership.'"

"Teri Gamble has been an extraordinary citizen of this academic community for 35 years," said Huntington, "and we take great pride in her many professional achievements, but equally so in her personal commitment to this Community."

CNR also paid tribute to Frank Rizza, Associate Professor of Career Counseling in the Graduate School, who recently passed away and had taught at the College for 10 years.

Other faculty and staff celebrating service anniversaries were:

10 Years

  • Amy Bass, Professor of History, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Marie Ribarich, Dean of the Graduate School
  • Tiffani Blake, Special Assistant to President for Mission & Board Relations
  • Judith Idowu, Coordinator of Retention, Brooklyn Campus
  • Pearl Sullivan, Coordinator of Retention, Co-op City Campus
  • Kenneth Lemon, Staff Assistant, Co-op City Campus
  • Johnny Russ, Library Staff Assistant, Rosa Parks Campus
15 Years

  • Theodora Ierides, Associate Professor of Physical Education, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Cynthia Kraman, Professor of English, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Margaret Neuhaus, Professor of Art, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Laurie Castaldo, Executive Assistant to the Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Joanne Clayborne, Assistant to Librarian, Cardinal John O'Connor Campus
  • Charlotte Washington, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, School of New Resources
  • Mary Del Colle, Coordinator, Accounts Payable
  • Rachelle Holt, Library Staff Assistant, DC-37 Campus
  • Loren Radcliffe, Security Officer, Co-op City Campus
20 Years

  • Sister Martha Counihan, OSU, Associate Professor, Gill Library, and Archivist
  • Casina Hardison-Rose, Financial Aid Counselor, Rosa Parks Campus
  • Robin Marshall, Associate Director, Financial Aid
  • Robert Morgan, Design Director
  • Tania Quinn, Registrar
25 Years

  • Christopher Lovergine, Associate Professor of Business, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Margaret Mount Lynn, Assistant Professor, Gill Library
  • Anne Pelak, Director of Financial Aid
  • Pierrette Rameau, Secretary, Co-op City Campus
  • Peter Cumberbatch, Working Foreman, Custodial Services
  • Rosa Cipriano, Light Duty Service
  • Lucia DiMattia, Light Duty Service
30 Years

  • Daniel McCarthy, Associate Professor of Political Science, School of Arts & Sciences
35 Years

  • Barbara Weed, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, School of Arts & Sciences