Chemistry Students Join Earth Team Volunteers, an Effort of the National Resources Conservation Service


First year chemistry students in Chemical Principles I taught by Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. Elvira Longordo (right), hold up t-shirts given to them as gifts by the Westchester County Department of Planning. The t-shirts show that the students are now members of the “Earth Team,” an organized effort administered under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) that provides funding for this research through the Westchester County Planning Department.

As volunteers in the County's Citizen Volunteers Monitoring Program, which serves to monitor the County's watershed, the CNR chemistry students measured various chemical, physical, and biological parameters at the Sheldrake River this fall semester. This service learning project enhanced the educational experience of the students as they studied the principles of chemistry and applied them to a real life situation.  All of the students said that it was a wonderful, practical experience and they would like to do it again.
Junior chemistry major, (front row) Stephanie Henriques, participated in the river study and mentored the freshmen students in an independent study with Dr. Longordo.  Stephanie also wrote the report on the project that was sent to the Westchester County Planning Department. The class, Chemical Principles 1, is taken by students who want to major in chemistry, biology, or environmental sciences.  It is the first part of the two semester sequence in freshman chemistry in CNR’s School of Arts & Sciences.