Chemistry Majors Attend the Nichols Symposium and Medal Award in Honor of Professor Julius Rebek, Jr.


Denise Dailey SAS'14, Zuleyka Hernandez SAS'14, and Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Elvira Longordo, Ph. D.,  attended the 2011 William H. Nichols Symposium and Medal Award Ceremony on March 18, 2011. 

The 2011 Nichols Award honoree, Professor Julius Rebek, Jr., posed with the students for a photo. Dailey later reflected that it was " like meeting a modern day Einstein." The students, who were chosen based on merit, demonstrated academic excellence, especially in lecture and laboratory techniques. 

The event was hosted by the NY Section of the American Chemical Society and was attended by students and their mentors from colleges and universities in the NY metropolitan area.  The symposium consisted of four scientific presentations on "Chemistry in the Nanoscale,"  a topic chosen because of the contributions made by the 2011 Nichols Award honoree, Professor Julius Rebek, Jr., for his lifetime achievements in Advances in the Science of Molecular Recognition and Encapsulation. Currently Dr. Rebek is the Director of the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology at the Skripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA.

The Nichols Medal depicts the allegorical figure of Dr. Faust in his laboratory as described in the poem by Goethe.   In his acceptance speech, Dr. Rebek invited the attending undergraduates to apply to the Skaggs Institute to do their graduate work with him.  He told them, "With your brains and my ambition, we can go far."  

Attendance of this event by undergraduates and their mentors was made possible by special funds allocated by the William H. Nichols Foundation.

Pictured here (l-r):  Denise Dailey SAS'14,  Professor Julius Rebek, Jr., and Zuleyka Hernandez SAS'14.