Scientist-In-Residence Sr. Mary Virginia Orna Speaks to Students About Women Scientists


Out of more than 375 inductees into The National Inventors’ Hall of Fame, only 13 are women and seven of the 13 women are chemists. This fact, along with more detailed and inspiring biographical information about the inductees, was included in Sr. Mary Virginia Orna’s lecture, "Women Chemists in the National Inventors’ Hall of Fame."

Sr. Orna, CNR’s Scientist-in-Residence, highlighted the contributions the women made to our health and well being. The women inventors that the students learned about included Elizabeth Lee Hazen and Rachel Fuller Brown, who discovered Nystatin's effects as an antifungal drug and who gave away their millions to fund education; Helen Murray Free who made possible the self diagnosis of diabetes; and Stephanie Louise Kwolek, who invented kevlar which is used in bullet proof vests.

The lecture was sponsored by the Westchester Chemical Society and was held at Westchester Community College.

Pictured here (l-r): Erika Alvarado SAS'12, Jessica Kottwitz SAS'12, Missiel Munoz SAS'14, Denise Dailey SAS'14, Sr. Mary Virginia Orna, Zuleyka Hernandez SAS'14, Alyssa Beasley SAS'12, Elvira Longordo SAS'78, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and Dilruba Hossain SAS'12