SNR Students Celebrate Before Graduation


On March 12, 2011, graduates from Brooklyn, Co-op, DC-37, John Cardinal O’Connor, New Rochelle, and Rosa Parks campuses participated in the pre-graduation celebration. Remarks were given by Rosa Napoleone SAS’75, President of the Alumnae/i Association, Elza Dinwiddie-Boyd, Dean of School of New Resources, and Dr. Kristine Southard, Campus Director Co-op City Campus.

The 2011 campus representatives shared thoughts on why they celebrate their campus:

Paula Cook Sow – Brooklyn I celebrate the Brooklyn Campus seniors because the campus has lit our academic sparks that remain long in our hearts as graduates.

Dale Edinboro – Brooklyn I celebrate the seniors of the Brooklyn Campus because the unique nature of the Life Arts Project (LAP) utilized in the curriculum, not only enhanced the quality of our education, but also promoted the important connection between academia and life experience, thus adequately preparing us for life in the 21st century. CNR WISDOM FOR LIFE

Leticia Jenkins – Co-op I celebrate the Co-op City Campus Seniors because we are a family who offers encouragement and guidance to each individual as he or she works toward our goal of academic success.

Stanley Mitchell – Co-op I celebrate the seniors of the Co-op City Campus because they proved that perseverance and commitment do translate into the successful transformation of their lives.

Maketa Barber – DC-37 I celebrate the seniors of the DC-37 Campus because of the services they provide as city workers while dedicating themselves to completing their degrees at The College of New Rochelle.

Brian Smith – DC-37 I celebrate the seniors of the DC-37 Campus because the program accelerates completion for working people, specifically, DC-37 union employees with 6-credit seminars which truly benefits graduates academically.

Zonice Figueroa – John Cardinal O’Connor I celebrate the JOC Campus because we triumphantly overcame all obstacles that were put before us and are now graduating with a wealth of knowledge that has empowered our spirits which will improve our lives.

Terry Gadson – New Rochelle I celebrate the New Rochelle Campus seniors because they reaped the benefits of a nurturing and stimulating academic environment.

Jean Pennant – New Rochelle I celebrate the New Rochelle Campus seniors because their unrelenting determination to succeed has propelled them to assess the odds, bridge the gaps, conquer the quests, defy the tyranny of failure and consequently, win them coveted distinction among their peers.

Milton Dent – Rosa Parks I celebrate the Rosa Parks Campus seniors because of the motherly, brotherly and sisterly love their bonds create.

Zakkiyya K. Rock – Rosa Parks I celebrate the Rosa Parks Campus because of the extremely supportive staff and inspirational students who have given me great encouragement during my time there.

Pictured here: Pearl Hayes Sullivan SNR’03 congratulated the class and emceed the program.