Gospel Choir Wows Audience at Their Annual Spring Concert "I Have No Doubt"


The College of New Rochelle Gospel Choir presented their annual spring concert, “I Have No Doubt,” on April 30, 2011, along with the Grace Baptist Church Children’s Choir and HTC Crazy Praise Choir.

The Gospel Choir sang Hear My Prayer, Gain the World, Ride on King Jesus, Grateful, Magnify The Lord, Lord Your Mighty, Lift Him Up, This is the Air I Breathe, and I Have No Doubt.


Choir Director Tyrone Patrick led students Chrissy Cossa, Georgia Fletcher, Julia Dempson, Janelle Pearson, Denise Dailey, Genesis McGrew, Praniece Little, Kaylynn Taylor, Patrice Marshall, Janay Parker, and James Hinton.