Denise Dailey SAS’14 Honored by Westchester Chemical Society


Chemistry major Denise Dailey SAS’14 was recognized by the Westchester Chemical Society, a local section of the NY Section of the American Chemical Society, for her outstanding performance in a first year chemistry course sequence, Chemical Principles I and II taught by Dr. Elvira Longordo, Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

Denise received a certificate with the 14th Edition of the Merck Index, a reference text that will be useful throughout Denise's career in chemistry.  She also received a t-shirt commemorating the year 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry.  Denise was honored with this award at Pace University on May 4, 2011, during the WCS presentation of the Distinguished Scientist Award to Dr. Assieh Alexy Melikian, from the NYU School of Medicine, in recognition for her research on how environmental pollutants and tobacco initiate cancer. 

Before the Awards dinner, Dr. Melikian gave a lecture on "Studies in Molecular Epidemiology" highlighting her interdisciplinary approach in this area of research.