Wellness Education's "Fitness for Life! Day" Encourages Lifelong Fitness

MediaLibrary#5123Students at The College of New Rochelle were awakened in the early morning of September 22, 2011, to Beyonce’s “Move Your Body,” and an invitation from Wellness Director Dr. Adrienne Wald to warm-up for the College’s annual Fitness for Life! Day race.

After their warm-up dance, Abiyot Endale, a runner from Ethiopia who New York Road Runners describe as a “local running sensation,” led participants through his stretching routine. Endale also led the way, winning the race along with CNR’s Network Manager, Eliot Bank. The first student to cross the finish was Elizabeth Johnston, a junior in the School of Arts & Sciences.

The purpose of this event was to encourage participants to strive for lifelong fitness by engaging in enjoyable physical activity and to set an example for the entire community. Fitness for Life! Day includes the one mile run/walk and an evening lecture by Dr. Matt Bellace, a motivational speaker and stand-up comedian, who has a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology from Drexel University, and is the author of the book, “A Better High.”