Kate Bolick Discusses Marriage and her Article, "What, Me Marry?" in The Atlantic

MediaLibrary#5287Members of the College and surrounding community engaged in an animated discussion on November 15, 2011, after the lecture, “What, Me Marry?” by Kate Bolick.

Ms. Bolick, author of the cover story “All the Single Ladies,” in the November issue of The Atlantic, read from her article then launched into a dialogue in which she explored the institution of marriage and its relevance in society today.  

According to Daniel Smith, Critchlow Endowed Chair of English in the School of Arts & Sciences, “Kate Bolick’s lecture brings a journalist and critic of great talent and élan to The College of New Rochelle. Her lively, ambitious, and bravely personal recent article about changing attitudes in courtship and marriage is one of the most talked-about in recent memory. I’m delighted that she brought the conversation home to us.”

MediaLibrary#5278Ms. Bolick’s article in The Atlantic, which has led to multiple appearances on national radio and television programs, makes the point that in today’s economy, “men are falling apart.” As The Atlantic explains, “recent years have seen an explosion of male joblessness and a steep decline in men’s life prospects that have disrupted the ‘romantic market’ in ways that narrow a marriage-minded woman’s options: increasingly, her choice is between deadbeats (whose numbers are rising) and playboys (whose power is growing). But this strange state of affairs also presents an opportunity: as the economy evolves, it’s time to embrace new ideas about romance and family—and to acknowledge the end of ‘traditional’ marriage as society’s highest ideal.”

Ms. Bolick’s lecture, sponsored by the SAS Honors Program, SAS English Department, and Phoenix Magazine, was followed by a question and answer period.

Kate Bolick is the culture editor of Veranda Magazine, a Hearst publication, and is based in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Previously, she was Executive Editor of Domino magazine. Her essays and reviews have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, and Vogue. She has a master’s in Cultural Criticism from New York University and a bachelor’s from Colby College.