Students Present Research at Meeting of Environmental Consortium

MediaLibrary#5294Biology majors Alyssa Beasley SAS'12 and Jessica C. Kottwitz SAS'12 presented the results of their research at the 8th Annual Meeting of the Environmental Consortium of Hudson Valley Colleges and Universities held at The College of Saint Rose on November 11-12, 2011.  

Alyssa's research, "The Future of the Forest: Vegetation Change Over time and Invasive Plant Species in an old-growth Forest" was conducted at The New York Botanical Gardens during her summer internship with Jessica Arcate-Schuler and Dr. Jim Lewis and was administered through the Fordham University Summer Undergraduate Research Program.  Alyssa's study shows that forest management does have an effect on forest composition by suppressing invasive species growth.

MediaLibrary#5295Jessica's  research on "Oviposition Preferences of Ochlerotatus Japonicus: Container Size, Infusion Type, and Tree Holes" was conducted during her summer internship at The Louis Calder Center under Dr. Richard Falco, Dr. Thomas Daniels, and John Kokas administered through the Fordham University Summer Undergraduate Research Program.   Jessica's research results show evidence that small containers were not sufficient in collecting the Oc. Japonicus invasive mosquito species.  Further, the results of this work show that Oc. Triseriatus, a native mosquito species, is still the major tree hole mosquito.

Top photo: Timothy J. Stanley, Program Coordinator, The Fresh Air Fund, Sharpe Reservation Environmental Center; Larry O'Connell, Instructor of Economics and Accounting, The New School; and Alyssa Beasley.