Wellness Coaches Give Wellness Workshop in Spanish for Hispanic Parent Academy


CNR Wellness Coaches, led by Tania Veloz SAS'12 and Director of Wellness Education Dr. Adrienne Wald, developed and presented a workshop in Spanish for the New Rochelle High School (NRHS) Hispanic Parent Academy.

The workshop, entitled "La Salud Integral: Para Un Mejor Rendimiento Escolar" (Integral Health: For Better Academic Performance), was held at The College of New Rochelle on February 4, 2012, and was organized with Gustavo Barbosa, House Principal at NRHS.

Three other spanish-speaking Wellness Coaches, Erika Alvarado SAS'12, Karolyn Guzman SN'13, and AndreaOchoa SN'15, also participated as part of the panel for the morning presentation. Amanda Hernandez SAS'15, AliciaMuth Honors, and Tanika Charles SN'14 served as hosts.

In addition to the presentation, participants toured the CNR campus and Wellness Center.


Pictured above: A group tour of the campus.
Pictured below: Tania Veloz SAS'12 gives her presentation.