Ex Corde Ecclesiae - CNR Affirms Catholic Identity

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For the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the publication of The Application of Ex corde Ecclesiae for the United States, and in response to the invitation for review issued by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, The College of New Rochelle undertook a process of self-assessment focused on institutional mission with special attention to our Catholic identity. This process has affirmed the institution’s ongoing dedication to its Catholic identity and the integration of Catholic teaching throughout all aspects of the College’s life.

The College of New Rochelle was founded 108 years ago as the first Catholic liberal arts college for women in New York State. We are committed more than ever to being a Catholic institution faithful to the animating spirit of the Ursulines, which continues to inform the College’s mission and furthers our capacity to promote the full human development of our students. The College’s mission is manifest in its unequivocal commitment to providing academic excellence especially devoted to women’s education, diversity, justice, education for service, access for those previously excluded from higher education, and lifelong learning.

The following report is a snapshot, taken at only one moment in the lifetime of the College, and focuses on the endeavor of strengthening Catholic identity. As such, it serves to inspire continued implementation of Ex corde Ecclesiae at The College of New Rochelle.

Judith Huntington
January 2012