Achievement Celebration Brings Biology Animation, Recycling, and Installation Art Together

MediaLibrary#5616Diane Forte SAS’13 and Shiyon Mathew SN’13 sought to solve a plastic bag problem for The College of New Rochelle community members, who receive an average of 14 plastic bags per week. Their work was presented at a recent event celebrating student achievements on March 29, 2012.

Diane and Shiyon's presentation included information about an event they created called “Shred ‘n’ Thread.” It was created with a CNR environmental club, Women in Lasting Defense of the Environment, and brought community members together to learn about creating plastic yarn from these bags which became unique crocheted bags and purses. They brought the items they created to their presentation as well as environmental impact information.

Fifteen student projects were highlighted at the student achievement event, ranging in focus from complex algebra to haiku poetry to interdisciplinary school gardening activities. The event was organized and sponsored by the Women's Studies Program in the School of Arts & Sciences.

Pictured above (l-r): Shiyon Mathew SN’13 and Diane Forte SAS’