Graduate School Announces New Master's Degree in Public Administration

MediaLibrary#5698A new master’s degree in public administration (M.P.A.) designed specifically to prepare graduates for a professional career in public service will be offered by the Graduate School of The College of New Rochelle starting this fall 2012. With this advanced degree, students will gain the skills and knowledge to lead and manage public and not-for-profit agencies.

This degree program offers two exciting options:

• Master’s in Public Administration — 36 Credits
• Master’s in Public Administration with Concentration in Long Term Care Administration—42 Credits

Both programs have flexible schedules offering students the opportunity to attend college year-round (during fall, spring, and summer sessions) thereby allowing degrees to be earned in less than two years.

The Graduate School Master’s in Public Administration is a multidisciplinary curriculum focused on management and leadership, organization, public policy, communications, human resources, finance, and program evaluation. This degree offers theoretical background, practical experience and training to enter the field of public service at the management level.

According to the Dean of the Graduate School at CNR, Dr. Marie Ribarich, the MPA program is designed for individuals who aspire to serve as leaders in governmental and non-profit organizations that serve our communities. Graduates of the program will have career choices in state, local, or federal agencies, or may find themselves in fields such as healthcare or social services. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to shape the future of public policy and become advocates for societal needs.

Applications are being accepted now at The College of New Rochelle. For further information, click here, call (914)-654-5309, or e-mail the Director of Graduate Admissions at