Honors Students Showcased Their Work at the Annual Honors Conference

MediaLibrary#5692The CNR Community celebrated the research projects of Honors students in the School of Arts & Sciences on April 26, 2012 at the 26th Annual Honors Conference Day. Attendees visited posters on student research, asked questions, and engaged in conversations with the students.

Dr. Amy Bass, Professor of History and Honors Program Director in the School of Arts & Sciences, said “The students are very passionate about their work and it is exciting to see their hard work displayed.”

The projects ranged in topic from gene patents and the legal and biotechnical fields; the affects of single-sex education; French cultural tolerance; and a study of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. A group of students from the American Singer-Songwriter course led fellow presenters in a song they created called “One More Cup of Coffee,” which was accompanied by a ukulele.

The SAS Honors Program consists of general study expressly designed to provide an alternative liberal arts curriculum for the motivated and talented student, regardless of major field. High priority is placed on intellectual rigor, scholarly discovery, and social excellence, while fostering academic independence and initiative, leadership abilities, appreciation of the value of collaboration, and community involvement.

The Program brings together the very best students and faculty together in small seminars that emphasize active learning and for independent research projects, enabling students to have both freedom and responsibility for their own education. For further information, contact Dr. Amy Bass, Honors Director, at abass@cnr.edu.

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Pictured in top photo: Denise Dailey SAS'14

Pictured bottom left (l-r): Amelia Ellis SAS'13, Tazmin Uddin SAS'13, and Dr. Nick Smart, Associate Professor of English in the School of Arts & Sciences.

Pictured bottom right: Rachelle LeBlanc SAS'12

Honors Brunch

On April 29, 2012, President Judith Huntington hosted a brunch to recognize the hard work and celebrate the achievements of the students in the Honors Program.

"I'm thrilled that President Huntington was able to spend some time with our Honors students, and found a way to personally recognize their work," Dr. Amy Bass said. "It was a wonderful way to cap off a month that began when we traveled to Baltimore to present at the Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference and ended with Honors students presenting to the college campus at Honors Conference Day."


Pictured here (r-l): President Judith Huntington, Amanda Hernandez SAS'15, Shacelles Bonner, Miranda Polat SAS’15, Lena Fin SAS’15, Alicia Muth, Kayla Cummings SAS’14, Ramya Bharti SAS'15, Amelia Ellis SAS’14, Cassandra Irons SAS’12, Dr. Amy Bass.

Student Presentations at the Annual Honors Conference

Should Genes be Patented?

Denise Dailey SAS’13, Biology Major
Mentor: Dr. Harasym

Women’s Voice in the Law
Elizabeth Johnston SAS’13, International Studies Major, French Minor
Mentor: Dr. McCarthy

How is Single-sex Education Affecting Girls?
Veronica Harris SAS’12, Spanish/Education Major
Mentor: Dr. Zealand

CNR Sports: A Status Report of Past & Present
Kristina Nilaj SAS’13, Math/Education Major
Mentor: Dr. Bass

Clean the Air
Akosuah Agyei SAS’12, Biology Major
Mentor: Dr. Kostel-Hughes

Être Français: Le Dilemme de Tolérance en France
Kayla Cummings SAS’14, International Studies/Economics Major, French Minor
Mentor: Dr. Beauzethier

El Romanticismo en España e Hispanoamérica
Veronica Harris SAS’12, Spanish/Education Major
Mentor: Dr. Segura-Rico

Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Salem
Maya Menon SAS’14, Art Major
Catherine Santivanez SAS’14, Art Major
Mentor: Dr. Bass

Café Dylan
Honors 315: American Singer-Songwriter
Amelia Ellis SAS’14, English Major
Lena Fin SAS’15, Art Major
Miranda Polat SAS’15, Communication Arts/Women‘s Studies Major
Alissa Sciommeri SAS’14, Biology Major
Tazmin Uddin SAS’13, English/Religion Major
Professor: Dr. Nick Smart, Associate Professor of English

Honors Symposium 2012
Cassandra Irons SAS’12, Math/Chemistry Major
Akosuah Agyei SAS’12, Biology/Chemistry Major
Rachelle LeBlanc SAS’12, Communication Arts/English/French Major
Professor: Dr. Michael Quinn, Associate Professor of Communication Arts

Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference
Regina Alvarado SAS’14, English/Biology Major