CNR Presents Third Inaugural Lecture

MediaLibrary#5699The College of New Rochelle presented the third in its series of inaugural lectures celebrating the Inauguration of the College’s 13th president, Judith Huntington. Susan Moley, Director of Wellness for PepsiCo, spoke on the topic, “Evolving a Culture of Wellness” on April 25, 2012.

Ms. Moley’s lecture addressed challenges and opportunities that one global corporation, Pepsico, faces as it strives to evolve a “culture of wellness” within its organization. She highlighted how PepsiCo today is creatively promoting wellness as a strategy to ensure an environment in which employees and the organization thrive. She also addressed the importance of fostering a wellness culture in our families, our places of work, our communities and on our college campuses. On the CNR campus, Wellness initiatives, such as the student Wellness Coach and Healthy Monday program, similarly focus on nurturing a wellness culture and creating an environment supportive of health.

Susan Moley is responsible for developing the Company’s strategic employee health and wellness goals and translating them into clearly defined initiatives to improve the health of employees. The Healthy Living program has won the National Business Group on Health’s Gold Award in 2007 and Platinum Award in 2008 for being an employer who promotes healthy lifestyles. In 2007, PBG also won the prestigious C. Everett Koop National Award for health improvement programs.

Prior to joining PepsiCo, Ms. Moley was the Director of Benefits for Brooks Brothers and the Director of Benefits and Compensation for Nine West Group, Inc. She is a graduate of Iona College.

Pictured at top: Susan Moley