College of New Ro Receives Ansel Adams Photos [VIDEO]

By Michael Woyton
October 11, 2012

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The College of New Rochelle Wednesday announced a gift of 75 signed photographs by American photographer Ansel Adams. The collection was donated by former faculty member Caryl Horwitz in memory of Sister Dorothy Ann Kelly, former president of the college who died in 2009.

President Judith Huntington said the college was thrilled to receive the gift, which was appraised at $2.5 million.

"We are deeply grateful to Caryl Horwitz for this rare and extraordinary gift," she said. "This is a fitting tribute to Sister Dorothy Ann Kelly."

The college had 15 photos from the collection on display for the announcement.

Huntington said her favorite photo from the collection was Trailer Camp Children, shot in Richmond, California in 1944.

CNR Galleries Director Katrina Rhein said 15 photos will be on display at the college's annual gala Thursday at Glen Island Harbour Club, but the majority is in storage. What happens next to the collection has yet to be determined. She said the Huntington sent out a request to faculty and students asking what should be done with the collection.