The College of New Rochelle Reopens After Hurricane Sandy

MediaLibrary#3532The College of New Rochelle reopened on Monday, November 5, 2012 following Hurricane Sandy. The College sustained little physical damage from the storm but had been closed for a week due to power outages. Click here to view photos from the storm.

Classes have resumed and all offices are open on the Main Campus as well as four of the College’s city campuses – Brooklyn Campus, Co-op City Campus, John Cardinal O’Connor Campus (South Bronx) and Rosa Parks Campus (Harlem). The College’s DC-37 Campus in lower Manhattan remains closed due to the lack of power.  

Direct dialing to all (914) 654-5XXX extensions from outside the College is now functioning normally. However, our outbound calling remains limited because our circuits are not fully restored.  

The phone system at the Brooklyn Campus is also restored, but the DC-37 Campus remains closed.  Inquiries about these sites should be directed to the Main Campus.The College can also be reached via email at