Students Learn About Spain Firsthand Via Bridging Cultures Program


Eleven students in the School of Arts & Sciences got an overview of the history, culture, and current issues of Spain direct from the source, traveling to the country over spring break via the Bridging Cultures program.

Led by Dr. Anne McKernan, professor of history, and Dr. Nereida Segura-Rico, professor of Spanish, the group visited the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Segovia, and Toledo.

Students actually took on the role of tour guides as they visited museums, places of worship, and other sites of interest, performing research beforehand. They also led discussions of their readings at the relevant sites.

Students with knowledge of Spanish were encouraged to use and hone their language skills.

Highlights of the trip included La Boqueria, a large public market, and Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Barcelona. In Madrid, the students toured the Museo de Arte Reina Sofia, and watched a flamenco performance. Day trips to Segovia and Toledo featured visits to cathedrals and synagogues.

Students kept a daily log of their activities and reflections, which they used as the basis of their presentations a week after returning home.

Recent Bridging Cultures courses have included trips to France, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Quebec.