Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Freshmen
The College of New Rochelle School of Nursing has a highly competitive and selective Bachelor of Science in Nursing program that admits women and men who are high school graduates to the traditional college program.

Admission Requirements

For more information regarding Admission requirements for incoming freshmen, click here.

Program Requirements

The following is the recommended undergraduate course sequence for the School of Nursing. Students wishing clarification of requirements should consult the Admissions Office.

Curriculum changes deemed necessary by the faculty may occur as a result of regular program review and revision.

Scientific Foundations - 17 Credits
BIO 110 Concepts in Biology 3 cr.
BIO 125, 126 Anatomy and Physiology I & II 7 cr.
CHM 116 General Chemistry 4 cr.
BIO 207 Microbiology 3 cr.

Human and Social Analysis - 15 Credits
INS 110 First Year Experience 3 cr.
SOC 100 Introductory Sociology 3 cr.
PSY 110 General Psychology 3 cr.
PSY 243 Developmental Psychology 3 cr.
One course to be taken in any of the following three areas:
   Business, Economics or Political Science 3 cr.

Mathematics - 6 Credits
MTH 109 Quantitative Reasoning 3 cr.
MTH 117 Elementary Statistics
or PSY 230 Psychological Statistics 3 cr.

Note: Students who test out of MTH 109 may take an elective in any area except nursing electives.

Electives - 15 Credits
Twelve credits of electives may be taken from any academic discipline. No more than 3 credits from any one area may be taken.
Free-choice elective (may be in Nursing) 3 cr.

Writing Skills - 6 Credits
WRT 101 Writer’s Workshop 3 cr.
WRT 102 Critical Research Essay 3 cr.

Health Sciences - 5 Credits
NUR 211 Nutrition 2 cr.
NUR 212 Pharmacology 3 cr.

Professional Courses - 56 Credits
NUR 209 Nursing I: Foundations for Nursing Practice 5 cr.
NUR 107/207 Health Assessment and Laboratory 3 cr.
NUR 208 Psychosocial Nursing 3 cr.
NUR 304 Altered Physiology I 2 cr.
NUR 306 Altered Physiology II 2 cr.
NUR 309 Nursing II: Acute Health (Adult Health I) 4 cr.
NUR 310 Nursing II: Synthesis: Acute Health (Adult Health I) 4 cr.
NUR 311 Nursing III: Parent-Child Health Nursing 4 cr.
NUR 312 Nursing III: Synthesis: Parent-Child Health Nursing 4 cr.
NUR 322 Transcultural Perspectives in Health Care 2 cr.
NUR 411 Nursing IV: Chronic Health (Adult Health II) 4 cr.
NUR 412 Nursing IV: Synthesis: Chronic Health (Adult Health II) 2 cr.
NUR 413 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 3 cr.
NUR 414 Synthesis: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 2 cr.
NUR 410 Introduction to Research 3 cr.
NUR 440 Politics of Health Care 1 cr.
NUR 445 Nursing V: Community Health Nursing 2 cr.
NUR 446 Nursing V: Synthesis: Community Health Nursing 2 cr.
NUR 447 Nursing VI: Transition to Professional Practice and Leadership 2 cr.
NUR 448 Nursing VI: Synthesis: Transition to Professional Practice and Leadership 2 cr.

Physical Education – 0 Credits
Four Courses

Residency Requirements

All courses for the BSN degree, with the exception of Advanced Placement credit, must be taken at The College of New Rochelle. Students must also complete four Physical Education courses.

SONA (Second Opportunity for Nursing Admission) Program

The SONA Program is intended to serve the needs of students who do not meet the admission criteria for the School of Nursing, but who show potential to be successful as a nursing major. Those accepted to SONA will be admitted to the School of Arts & Sciences as undecided majors with a suggested academic plan for the freshman year. At the completion of the freshman year, students who have completed all courses with a grade of C+ or better in one attempt, and have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 may request admission to the School of Nursing.

Advanced Placement

Candidates may submit scores on Advanced Placement Examinations of the College Board. Three credits are awarded for a grade of 3, 4, or 5.