Nursing Education
Take your experiences back to school, add new knowledge and next you will be ready to prepare nurses for tomorrow's world of health care. You can teach and mentor our next generation of nurses.

Career Opportunities
  • Clinical educator in baccalaureate programs
  • Nurse educator in staff development within the industry
  • Faculty for associate's degree programs
In addition to this Master's degree, we offer a Post-Master's Certificate in Nursing Education.

Program Plan: Nursing Education Track
Common Core Courses - 12 credits
NUR 636 Perspectives of Health Care Management 3 cr.
NUR 638 Advanced Practice Role Development for Transformative Nursing 3 cr.
NUR 639 Theoretical Foundation for Advanced Nursing Practice 3 cr.
NUR 632 Design and Methodology for Nursing Research 3 cr.

Education Courses - 19 credits
NUR 663 Issues and Trends in Nursing Education 3 cr.
NUR 664 Teaching Methods and Strategies for Nursing Education 4 cr.
NUR 665 Measurement and Evaluation in Nursing Education 4 cr.
NUR 667 Curriculum Development I: Staff Development & Community Education 4 cr.
NUR 668 Curriculum Development II: Higher Education 4 cr.

Practicum Course 3 cr. / 150 practicum hours
NUR 737 Role Practicum in Nursing Education 1 cr. theory, 1 cr. seminar, 1 cr. practicum

                                150 PRACTICUM HOURS