RN-BSN-MS Program for Registered Nurses
The College of New Rochelle School of Nursing RN-BSN-MS Program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for motivated RNs who have completed all required liberal arts and science requirements with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 to pursue a Master’s Degree in the Family Nurse Practitioner Track.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission into the RN-BSN-MS Program, graduation from an accredited nursing program, or a program designated to be an Associate or Diploma nursing program by World Education Services (WES), is required.

Admission is selective and based on an analysis of documentation. For more information regarding Admission requirements to the RN-BSN-MS Program, click here.

Program Requirements

The following is the recommended course sequence the RN-BSN-MS Program for the School of Nursing. Students wishing clarification of requirements should consult the Admissions Office.

Curriculum changes deemed necessary by the faculty may occur as a result of regular program review and revision.

BSN Phase (Credits)
   Health Assessment/Lab 3 cr.
   Transcultural Perspectives in Health Care 2 cr.
   Community Health Nursing 8 cr.
   Perspectives in Health Care Management 3 cr.
   Advanced Role Development in Transformative Nursing 3 cr.
   Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice 3 cr.
   Design and Methodology for Nursing Research 3 cr.

MSN Phase (Credits)
   Advanced Pathophysiology and Psychoneuroimmunology 5 cr.
   Advanced Pharmacology 4 cr.
   Advanced Health Assessment and Pattern Appraisal 4 cr.
   Clinical Practicum I  (190 clinical hours) 5 cr.
   Clinical Practicum II  (195 clinical hours) 5 cr.
   Clinical Practicum III  (200 clinical hours) 5 cr.

Residency Requirements

The RN student must complete the application process for both the BSN and the Master’s programs. Of the 25 credits of required nursing courses for the BSN degree, 13 of the credits will be at the Baccalaureate degree level. The remaining 12 credits comprise the common core courses required for the Master’s degree. Once the student has met the credit and residency requirements at the undergraduate level, the BSN degree will be awarded. The student may continue to pursue the FNP course work for the Master’s degree.

Transfer Credit

The BSN requires a total of 120 liberal arts and science and nursing courses.  Students may transfer as many as 90 credits toward the BSN degree. Students may transfer course credit for all required liberal arts and science course with a grade of C+ or better. Students may transfer elective course credit with a grade of C- or better. If the student wishes to transfer credit from an international college or university, the transcript must be evaluated by the World Education Services.

College-Level Examination Opportunities

The purpose of Credit by Examination is to allow Registered Nurses (RNs) to demonstrate they are able to meet the objectives of a baccalaureate course without enrolling in that course. Two options for examinations are available: Excelsior College Examinations and The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). Please refer to the School of Nursing catalog for further information on these examinations.

Students are encouraged to consult the Director, RN-BSN Program regarding resources for successful test performance. Additional information regarding Excelsior College Examinations and CLEP Examinations is available in the School of Nursing.

Validation Credit

The RN license serves as validation of basic nursing courses required for licensure.