Graduate Programs of Study 

Transform your career by earning an MS in advanced nursing from CNR. Attain the skills required to influence social and health care policy at local, state, and the national levels. You can contribute to nursing knowledge by playing a role in advanced theory or research to advance our profession.

Our Master’s Programs are grounded in a holistic world view that recognizes caring/healing as the foundation for an advanced level of practice. We have earned nationwide recognition for pioneering the integration of holism in nursing practice and education, for responding to the latest developments in the profession, as well as for our excellent academic and clinical resources and innovative teaching methods.

Our teaching philosophy and holistic approach to nursing makes The College of New Rochelle School of Nursing a unique institution of higher learning. Students seek us out knowing that at CNR we will provide them with the skills and knowledge for a successful career. We encourage you to join our family at The College of New Rochelle. An advanced degree will charge your life and allow you to make a difference for others who need your caring and healing, as well as your knowledge and skill.

The Master of Science Programs offered by the School of Nursing is designed to prepare graduates for selected roles of advanced practice nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist in Holistic Nursing.

The Master’s Program in Nursing leads to a Master of Science degree. The purpose of the program is to educate professional nurses to:

  • Practice in the roles of advanced practice nurse in family practice and holistic nursing;
  • Use research and scholarly knowledge to provide expert therapeutic and client services;
  • Participate in designing and implementing socially responsible care in a variety of systems;
  • Serve as change agent to improve nursing and health care practice; and
  • Demonstrate accountable and leadership behaviors in clinical advanced practice roles. The Master’s Program in Nursing is registered with the New York State Department of Education and is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Master's Program Student Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the program, graduates are prepared to: 

  • Integrate extant and emerging research and scholarly knowledge to advance nursing care, education, and management within an interdisciplinary, holistic, caring-healing framework.
  • Demonstrate advanced clinical and critical reasoning, reflective learning, ethical analysis and all ways of knowing to assess, design, implement, and evaluate advanced nursing care, education, and management practices that are holistic, safe, and evidence-based.
  • Use communication, effective and therapeutic information literacy, and interdisciplinary collaboration to influence complex health, cultural, and sociopolitical issues of diverse populations.
  • Participate in designing and implementing cost-effective care in diverse, multicultural, and dynamic environments and systems.
  • Explicate policy, organization, and financing of health care to initiate change and improve nursing and health care practices.
  • Demonstrate role development through accountability and leadership in clinical, management and education advanced practice roles.