About the Director
Dr. Amy Bass is Director of the Honors Program and Associate Professor of History at The College of New Rochelle. She received a Ph.D. with distinction from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, with a specialization in U.S. History and a comparative field in Cultural Studies; an M.A. with distinction from Stony Brook in U.S. History; and a B.A. in History from Bates College. She is an alumnus of the Williams College/Mystic Seaport American Maritime Studies Program.

Dr. Bass’s areas of scholarly interest include African American history; modern American popular culture; racial, national, and ethnic identity; and historical theory and methodology. She has published her work in a range of places, including the prestigious Journal of American History and the South Atlantic Quarterly, and has presented at a range of professional meetings, including the American Historical Association, the American Studies Association, the Organization for American History, and the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians. She serves as editor of her own series, Sporting, at Temple University Press.  Her publications include Not the Triumph but the Struggle:  the 1968 Olympics and the Making of the Black Athlete and In the Game:  Race, Identity and Sport in the Twentieth Century.