Chemistry Requirements
Students majoring in Chemistry may elect the B.S. degree by taking 45-46 credits in Chemistry. Students who take 42-43 credits in Chemistry will receive a B.A. degree.

The concentration in Chemistry, which ordinarily begins in the freshman year, includes:
CHM 111 Chemical Principles I
CHM 112 Chemical Principles II
CHM 221,222 Organic Chemistry I, II
CHM 241 Analytical Chemistry
CHM 251,252 Physical Chemistry I, II
CHM 261 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
MTH 121, 122, 213 Calculus I, II, III
PHY 111, 112 General College Physics I, II
Nine to ten additional credits are elected from the remaining courses offered for the Chemistry major. Student research internships and cooperative education experiencesin Chemistry are available through special arrangement with the department. All Chemistry majors must complete 6 credits in a foreign language.

Minor (18 credits)
Students may obtain a minor in Chemistry by following the sequence CHM 111,112, 221, 222, plus a minimum of an additional 6 credits in Chemistry selected from among those courses coded CHM 241 through CHM 344.

Professional Studies in Education: Chemistry
Chemistry students who complete the requirements for the B.S. or the B.A. degree in Chemistry may wish to pursue New York State teacher certification to teach on thehigh school or middle school levels. Specific course work is outlined in the Education section of this catalog. Additional programs available to students in this department include childhood education (Grades 1-6), early childhood education, and education of students with disabilities.