Communication Arts
Expertise in communication is essential for a career in the media field. Our Communication Arts Program enables students to build on their talents as they explore the role of advertising, computer graphics, broadcast and print media, film, and public relations in today’s society. As communication skills are important in developing successful professionals, so is an understanding of the information technologies that have changed the delivery of programming, the way we conduct business, and the workplace.

Students majoring in Communication Arts select courses through individual faculty-student conferences during advisement. These sessions are tailored to meet student needs in preparing for a media career.

The Communication Arts Program prepares students to meet professional challenges in three ways:
  1. Hands-on experience in courses such as video production and computer graphics. Students complete workshops in an area of choice, such as designing creative advertising or public relations campaigns, editing film and television productions or writing newspaper and magazine articles.
  2. Direct access to communications technology in the television studio, digital editing suite, computer graphics and desktop publishing lab, and photography studio. Small classes ensure expertise in using the technology.
  3. Internships and cooperative education offer a unique opportunity to gain experience alongside communications professionals. Interns receive college credits for bringing their talent to internship sites that include Walt Disney, MTV, CNN, NBC, Madison Avenue ad agencies, and public relations firms.
Three full-time faculty of the Communication Arts Department are supplemented by adjuncts who are working professionals in their fields.