Our design of both the Economics major and minor at CNR reflects the increasing importance of economic considerations in all areas of modern life. The tools and techniques of economic analysis are no longer restricted to the world of business and government. Today, women with training in economics are prepared to take positions in health care, education, the arts, and the media. Currently, our students are combining their studies in economics with work in international studies, political science, psychology, and business.

Students in our Economics Program develop both a solid knowledge base in economic theory and policy formation and have the unique opportunity to work in other disciplines to formulate integrated approaches to problem solving. While not a formal requirement of the program, we encourage our students to develop competency in the computer and information technologies so critical to empirical analysis. The program also emphasizes close faculty contact in both course work and in preparing students for the world of work. Our internship and cooperative education programs allow our students to apply their academic training in a professional setting. Our students have participated in internships in both the private and public sector.