History Requirements
The major in History leads to a B.A. degree and requires 30 to 36 credits. History majors must take a broad range of courses in United States and World History as well as methodology courses in the Social Sciences and a thesis:
HIS 390 Junior Seminar
HIS 490 Senior Research Seminar
HIS 491 Senior Thesis

Majors must select survey courses (100 level) on the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Specialized courses (200 and 300 level) on a single society, for example, “The History of India,” as well as thematic courses in U.S., Native American, Comparative World, African, European, and Latin American history deepen a students knowledge and skill set in historical analysis. Geography is a major component in all History courses.

Professional Studies in Education: History
History majors may wish to pursue New York State teacher certification to teach social studies on the high school or middle school levels. Specific course work is outlined in the Education section of this website. History majors planning to teach high school or middle school must take six credits (6) in Economics and Political Science. Additional programs available to students in this department include childhood education (Grades 1-6), early childhood education, and education of students with disabilities.

For the minor, a student must have 18 credits with a distribution between European and American history courses. It is strongly recommended that one of these courses be a seminar.