Honors Profiles
MediaLibrary#919Alana Ruptak '05
Art Therapy

Upon entering The College of New Rochelle, I was at once welcomed into a small, close community that focused its attention on my academic growth. I came to college from New Jersey and quickly made it a home away from home. Aside from being a part of the larger school community, I was also given the opportunity to be a part of CNR's Honors Program. At first, I was slightly intimidated by what could possibly be expected of me in the next four years. However, membership in the Honors Program has positively enhanced both my educational and personal progress. The Honors Program has provided me the opportunity to partake in courses and experiences that otherwise would not be possible. It has also taught me the importance of working hard, beyond your expectations. As an Art Therapy major, I especially have enjoyed being close to New York City, complete with its galleries, museums, and good restaurants.

MediaLibrary#920Christina Simpson '07
English & Communication Arts
I joined the Honors Program as a freshman, with a double major in Communication Arts and English. I was really searching for an academic challenge, which is what led me to the program. I really enjoy class discussions in the seminars, as well as the intriguing stories I can share with my peers.

MediaLibrary#921Kathryn Tyranski '06
English & Communication Arts

I am a double major in English and Communication Arts with a Women's Studies minor. The Honors Program at CNR is a fabulous way for students to become more involved in the environment that surrounds them. Currently, I am an Honors Board member and editor-in-chief of the Honors magazine, Femmes d'Esprit. I have a passion for both of these activities and these experiences would not have been accessible to me if I was not in the Honors Program. Class is also an intricate part of the program, as classes are small and based on discussion. Students in the program are asked to really think and voice their thoughts, an opportunity other classes don't allow because there is so much material that needs to be covered. I find that I am able to sample courses from all areas of academia because of the Honors Program. However, the most important part of my Honors Experience is that I enjoy all of it immensely. I am a member of a great family who really makes sure that the experiences are as full as they can possibly be.

MediaLibrary#922 Ruth Santiago '06

English & Communication Arts

A major reason why I am in the Honors Program is because of the diversity of its members. I have always been in diverse environments. I went to elementary school in the cross sections of Soho, Little Italy, and China Town. I then went to Cathedral High School, located in midtown Manhattan, and now I go to college in Westchester County. I enjoy having the opportunity to shape my own curriculum by being a member of the Honors Board for my freshman and sophomore years. Finally, I find it important to help freshman adjust to college life. It is especially helpful to receive advice from a student who has just gone through the same process. This is why I am actively involved on the Freshmen Orientation Committee. We not only offer advice but give freshmen an opportunity to relax by setting up events like pizza socials. The College as a whole is a diverse yet close community, but the Honors Program is a close knit community within a community and I am proud to be a part of it.