International Studies Requirements
A major in International Studies leads to a B.A. degree and requires 36 credits in designated courses. In consultation with the director, students develop a primary concentration (at least 18 credits) in one of the following departments:
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Business/Economics
The concentration includes a methodology course, normally in the Social Sciences Division, and either a seminar or an independent study. Students also develop a secondary concentration in another department or area of study. The number of credits for this concentration is determined in consultation with the director of the program. A seminar in the major field and/or an independent study and any necessary prerequisites must be taken.

Students must achieve competence in modern foreign language beyond the basic language requirement. Study abroad for a summer, a semester, or a year is encouraged both to improve proficiency in the foreign language and to add an experiential dimension to the student’s academic investigation of the international community.

Internships, though not at present required, are strongly recommended for majors and can be taken for credit. The final requirement is the capstone project. Normally completed in the senior year and approved by the director and faculty advisor, the project is interdisciplinary in nature.

The following courses are required for majors and minors:

ECO 101 Principles of Economics
POS 250 International Politics
POS 320 International Law and Organizations
HIS 360 Twentieth-Century Global Issues

The following courses are integral to International Studies and are strongly recommended:
CMA 352 Film History II, International Cinemas
ECO 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 253 International Economics
HIS 220 Evolution of Caribbean Culture
HIS 240 The Middle East
HIS 255 Introduction to India
HIS 260 Divided Societies: South Africa and Northern Ireland
HIS 304 The Immigration Experience
HIS 232 Contemporary Europe
PHL 265 Philosophy of Law
POS 200 Comparative Politics
POS 303 Women and Law
POS 310 United States Foreign Policy
REL 253 Spirit of China
REL 255 The Spirit of India
REL 245 Religious Dimensions of Peace and Justice

Students may minor in International Studies by the following:
  • successfully completing the four courses required for the major
  • achieving competency in a modern foreign language
  • successfully completing two of the recommended courses for the major or six credits in an internship involving an international organization or a study abroad experience